Whisper Gen Incorporated was founded in 2010 by Donald D. Johnson Deadrick Sr. to produce a new green generator. This innovative energy source is eco-friendly. In very simple terms, this generator takes a small amount of direct current (DC) and creates an enormous amount of alternating current (AC) resulting in perpetual energy. Once the generator is turned on by the use of rechargeable battery power, it continues to run until the components of the unit need replacement, which will be in ten to twenty years.


Mr. Donald D.J. Deadrick Sr. is the Chairman and Founder of Whisper Gen Incorporated. He started this company in 2010 to carry out a God given assignment. Through a vision from God, an eco-friendly generator was birthed. In addition to being eco-friendly, this new source of energy will prove to be cost effective for both the family and business sectors; reducing electric bills tremendously. Mr. Deadrick is confident that this alternative source of energy will be key in the restoration and conservation of our natural resources currently being exhausted, as well as creating a safer existence over all.

Mr. Deadrick has a strong desire to empower people and he feels that this company will serve as a vehicle to do just that. There are countries still depending on neighboring countries for a source of power. That will soon be a thing of the past with the use of the Whisper Gen generator. Mr. Deadrick will not only be a driving force in the world of energy in these United States of America, but also in foreign countries, especially third world countries.

Mr. Deadrick’s desire to impact the world starts with the inner workings of his own world; his company. He believes that investing in “the whole person,” is the true essence of success, thus realizing an unbelievable magnitude of excellence and growth that money can’t replace. Every Whisper Gen employee will have a Benefits Package offering 100% medical and dental coverage, on-site child care service, clinic, salon, and above average wages for the jobs performed, ensuring a defined quality of life for them and their families.


Nothing great was ever accomplished alone. Mr. Deadrick has a team that he feels was hand picked by God, Himself. His Board of Directors understands his vision, shares his passion, and is aligned with the mission of his organization.


We live in a time where energy resources are few and are being drained. Green energy is promoted and recycling is intensely encouraged. The government is challenging all the great minds to explore and develop green initiatives. Everyone is looking for an answer and now is the time for the unveiling of the solution! Mr. Deadrick believes that every energy company and or person who is as passionate about a greener earth as he is will understand that this generator he calls, “Mother Goose,” is the missing piece to the “green” puzzle.

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